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Rotary unions must accommodate a broad range of materials, viscosities, temperatures, pressures and speeds. That's why the Deublin rotary union product line offers over 500 standard rotary unions, over 3,000 separate models, and more than 6,000 individual components to handle them.

Meefil BV represents The Deublin Company in The Netherlands. Please visit our dutch website [ | ] You will find rotating unions for various application categories as well as easy to download engineering catalogue pages.


The converting process is in fact everything from producing and winding material, unwinding, processing and rewinding, either coreless or with core. We represent core holding equipment manufacturing suppliers, producing a.o. ROLL unwinding shafts | rewinding shafts, chucks, adapters in pneumatic, mechanical, hydraulic or a combination. We ensure proper custom designed solutions for your application.

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Safety chucks are primary used as bearing. Its load comes from a windingshaft in a Unwinding or Rewinding process. Safetychucks can be operated with ease, they open in only one neutral position and close automatically when rotating starts. Safetychucks in combination with a manual brakesystem or pneumatic brakesystem allows you to alter and operate processes simultaneously. Safetychucks are available for non driven and driven sides. You will find safetychucks a numberous processes, mainly converting.

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High quality, performance driven products combined with industry leading web tension control knowledge and expertise to make your machines run at maximum efficiency, reducing waste and increasing your productivity and profitability. Whether you need a individual product or a complete tension control systems, our customer care helps finding you the best possible and affordable solution.

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Our knife holders, blades and slitting systems from one of the most significant suppliers for OEMs and users in the flexible material slitting field. We serve every industry, including paper, board, converting, plastic film, non-woven, aluminum and more.

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Do you want your product to operate flawless after repair? We will assist you with that goal with our 100% interchangeability guarantee for all products and parts we provide, and we provide since 1956!

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